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    Our Frame Tents are top of the line, super heavy duty, long lived tents that are quite affordable. Our  tents are sought after by Party and Tent Rental companies, corporations, car dealerships, concession stands, churches, schools, wedding venues, disaster recoveries, and much more. 

  • Tent Liners


    Making first impressions is what every tent rental company strives for when setting up a tent! The WOW moment that guests experience under your tent will turn those guests into future clients! One of the most important roles in creating that experience is knowing how to set up a tent liner and give it some color with lighting. Let us make you the best Tent Liners that will surely amaze your guests! 

  • Tent Sidewalls


    Sidewalls are used to enclose your tent. They come in either solid white, clear, or with cathedral windows so you can enjoy the outdoor view. 

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Let us show you the difference between quality standards!

Our tents are built to last and take a beating in the tent rental industry!

Being in the tent rental business ourselves, we realize not every tent is meant to take a beating or last you a long time. We're not about that here at Global Tent Supply. We want to earn your hard earned dollar by manufacturing a tent thats going to last you well over half a decade with plenty of rentals! We hope we can build a lasting relationship with each and every one of you while making your tent rental company more profitable for years to come!